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The Best Periods and Days
to Go Fishing & Hunting
in Your Area Year-Round

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and readership since 1986
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angler & hunter.

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--Astro Tables format.

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Our best forecaster
does it all for you.

Understanding the
solar/lunar influence.

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Astro Tables
with any order!

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"As a professional fisherman, guide and captain, I can testify PrimeTimes is the best predictor I have encountered in 69 years of fishing."
Ed Ries, Columnist, "SouthCoast Sportfishing Magazine," San Diego, CA
"Thanks for the fine product. I hunt less and bring home more game than ever."
Dan Wallace, TN
"Since I've subscribed to your calender, 92-95% of my trophy fish (over 10 lbs.) have come during the peak periods shown. I think your calendar is the greatest."
Jim Leonard, KS

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