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About Rick Taylor
PrimeTimes' Creator/Publisher

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"By using PrimeTimes you will catch more fish and bigger fish. You will see more game. And you will do this in less time. I guarantee it."
Rick Taylor, Creator/Publisher

A few from our unsolicited pile...

I haven't been very good at telling you how much I appreciate your product over the years. This year I released a Blue Marlin in Cape Verde over 1,000 pounds. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.
Tim Thomasson
Molino, FL

I have started two more generations using your calendars and text book.  I caught the biggest Largemouth Bass of my life, on my birthday using your tables!! What a great birthday gift!! Thank you for your great research and work!!
Michael Scholtz
Brighton, MI

Thank you so much for the quick response and I got the app as well! I appreciate the great customer service.
Terry Rupp
Bartonville, IL

Years ago I came across the best fishing book back in the 80’s, “Guide To Successful Bass Fishing” by Rick Taylor. It was my go to reference guide! It’s amazing how relevant it is even today!
(It's still available at most book outlets, like Amazon.)
Ed Pelkey
Bethlehem, PA

The App is awesome.
Jerry McAtee
Guyton, GA

I planned our Alaskan halibut and salmon fishing trip a year out based on your calendar. My buddies thought I was talking trash. After catching so many halibut and salmon that our arms hurt, and the captain’s comments about the trips before ours, you have two new permanent customers!
Kris Gibson,
Loma Rica, CA

At Lake Fork I got 21 bass from 6 to 11 pounds on June's full moon (2022), and 24 bass from 5 to 10 pounds on June's new moon. Thanks!
Tom Wynn,
Marshall, TX

I've been using your calendar for years and love it...some of my best days fishing were singled out by you!
Sam Bauer,
Detroit Lakes, MN

Believe me I think PrimeTimes is a bargain at the current price. Thanks.
Dennis Valencia
Scott LA

I've used your calender for ten years or more and am blown away. I work for a police department here in Northern California and your calendar is frightfully accurate for predicting bad guy behavior...but even cooler that it works for bass and bears!
Kris Gibson,
Loma Rica, CA

Thanks for getting back to me on that. I have been using your program for several years. I'm still amazed with it and the fact that you personally handle your customer service. When I buy my yearly fishing license and trout stamp I will be getting my PrimeTimes as well. Thanks again.
Wade Lee
Park Hills, MO

I will continue telling everyone about your great product and how much I rely on it in planning my fishing trips. Thank you for your excellent product and the service you provide.
Kenneth Lord
Dothan, AL

Dear, Rick,
I'm sorry to inform you that my husband passed away Aug 9, 2019. He studied your calendar and followed it like it was the fisherman bible. Thank you for the fun and knowledge he enjoyed.
His wife, Patricia Stewart
Shadyside, OH

Dear, Rick,
Thank you for the magnificent PrimeTimes edition this year! Because of it I put over 300 fish in the boat, got a nice mule deer, and a spike bull elk. I want you to know we cherish your work and you more than words can say.
Dave Peters
Mead, WA

In the last chapter of your “How to Know When to Go” book it says (PrimeTimes) works on people too. With today's electronic dating sites, activity peaks around PrimeTimes periods as well. Thanks for your product. :-)
Rod Ladner

I've relied on your Prime Times calendar for pheasant hunting, coon hunting and deer hunting for years and it never ceases to amaze me how accurate it is. It is an amazing tool.
David DeBolt
Ankeny, IA
NOTE: Click here to read David's entire text. It has some good tips for deer hunters.

Just wanted to let you know how helpful PrimeTimes has been to both of us over the years. ..in both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Lots of mounts on our walls and many "fish tales" to tell.
Thank you!
Tom & Carol Mears
Boca Raton, FL

We have been getting two calendars each year on the automatic order program, one for us and one for my dad. I need to change my order to just one calendar as my dad passed away a couple of months ago. At the memorial service for him we had his two favorite books laid on the display table, his Bible and his PrimeTimes calendar.
Thank you,
Vicki Law
Franklin, KY

Dear Rick,
Just a note to thank you for your great publication. I was able to land 504 fish this year, including a 24-pound tiger musky, 11-pound rainbow, and a 7-pound walleye. Your PrimeTimes was a major factor...Same for deer hunting—a nice buck in the freezer—his movement predicted by your calendar. My friends are amazed with the accuracy of PrimeTimes. Thanks!
Dave Peters
Mead, WA

I really like your calender but the software makes a lot of difference and is worth it's weight in gold. I have used it for the last 2 days and the movement is right on with the times predicted. I have seen more activity and deer in 2 days than I have all season. Thanks again.
Neil Colbert
Centre, AL

I really like your products and have come to use them everytime I go fishing. Your pick of July 1,2011 for the best fishing day was no doubt the best day of bass fishing I have ever had. I caught and released 59 bass and probably lost 15-20 bass. What a day. I am looking forward to the 2012 pick so I can make sure I am off that day also to go fishing. Keep up the great work. Thank You.
Chris Butler
Winter Haven, FL

Season after season, we have planned our fishing trips around our Prime Time recommendations and been very glad we did. Over the last several years, I have caught and released five muskies over 50 inches by fishing at times recommended by you. Thank you, Rick.
Jack Lenox
Boerne, TX

"I have been using your product for many years and just wanted to say that I have been very satisfied. Fishing or hunting, when I go I check out the situation using your software and it has proven to be quite accurate. I have the Bucks on the wall to prove it, and have enjoyed many a day fishing based on the information provided by your software. I sincerely thank you for your hard work and will surely continue to rely on your support to help me in having successful hunting and fishing outings. Again THANKS, THANKS, THANKS."
David Urvina Jr.
Brunswick, GA

Thank you for providing such a beneficial tool (it's far more than just a simple calendar). You have a life-time customer here.
Bruce Saunders
Minneola, FL

Most other local clubs can't figure out why our trail has much better success, and better sacks of fish coming to the scales on tourney day when theirs was the weekend before or after. Thanks for this valuable information, it has helped to make our trail a success.
Todd Meyers
Haughton LA

"I keep a detailed daily fishing log, and have found your PrimeTimes wall calendar to be at least 85% accurate. It hangs in my bedroom, so it's the first thing I see every morning and can plan the whole week. Thanks for your fine product.
Bob Achenbach
Toms River, NJ

"I used the CD faithfully and had MUCH success fishing in the Prime Times. In fact, I would get to a "spot" 10-15 min before the primetimes and would not get any hits. Usuallly within 2-3 of the appointed time - and still using the same lure/s in the same spot - the fish would begin to bite.
Ed Burrell
Denton, TX

I wanted to let you know about my success with your PrimeTimes CD. It predicted that the dusk period on Thursday Oct. 10 was a real good time for deer. Almost to the predicted minute, the deer began to move from their bedding area to their feeding area. A short time later I harvested a mature doe...then right at its peak I got a 230-pound buck (field dressed) with an 11-point, 20-inch spread rack. While I knew he was in the area, I didn't know when until I started using your CD. Needless to say, I'll be using the CD's predicted days and times for the rest of the season! Thanks!!
Craig Hacker

"Your calendar really works for me here in Hawaii, especially for mouflon sheep and feral sheep. The time periods really fall into place. It is an ultimate tool that every hunter should have."
Bruce Heidenfeldt
Volcano, Hawaii

"Your PrimeTimes tables have been uncannily accurate 75-80% of the time. As a professional fisherman, guide and captain, I can testify they are the best predictors I have encountered in 69 years of fishing."
Ed Ries, Columnist, "SouthCoast Sportfishing Magazine"
San Diego, CA

"Just a few words to say thanks. Your PrimeTimes is the best thing to happen to me in 64 years!! I started testing my Zook lures by your findings and am now catching a lot of big bass. In one season I got ten of the largest bass in Ohio with your info."
Floyd E. Lindsey, First Edition Lures
Dayton, OH.

"Since using the PrimeTimes Wall Calendar to set our tournament schedules for the past two years, our results have almost doubled."
Dennis Alexander

"My wife and I really enjoy PrimeTimes. Our neighbors next to us on a 1,600 acre public lake can't understand why we catch more fish than they do."
Karl Bollich
Eunice, LA

"Since I've subscribed to your calender, 92-95% of my trophy fish (over 10 lbs.) have come during the peak periods shown. I've also caught fish during the lower rated periods, but not any trophy size. I think your calendar is the greatest."
Jim Leonard

"I thought Astro Tables was the best until I bought the PrimeTimes Wall Calendar. Anybody who doesn't use it is really missing out."
Dave DeBolt, Professional Guide,
Ankeny, IA

The product has been very valuable to me as a fishing guide.
Tim Noxon, Fish Traveler Guide Service
Eagle Lake, CA

"The PrimeTimes Wall Calendar is the best I have ever had the pleasure to use. I've found it to be extremely accurate."
C. W. Collins

I love you product. Though I do not hunt or fish that often anymore, I now live by your tables for my photography. I have achieved so many images that other miss because I "know when to go."
Dave M. Shumway
Billings, MT

Thank you Rick. Love your product. It is so accurate. I work from my home and live on a lake. We have a lot of deer that roam around the waters edge. Over the years when I look out and see them I can look at your calendar and almost 100% of the time when I see them it is during a time that your product shows an active period. I drop what I am doing, grab a pole and head to the dock to catch some crappie.
David King
Springdale AR

Thanks for the great tool. I live and fish the waters of big Sam Rayburn, TX and your PrimeTimes saves me time and I get results!
J. L. Ramerez

"Since I started using the Wall Calendar two years ago my fishing has improved dramatically and I'm wasting less time."
Walt Hanline

"PrimeTimes is much more accurate than two other systems I've tried."
Lyman Winkley

"I have every moon table available. This is the most complete chart I have seen to date."
Lew Cazes

"I am a long time user of lunar charts. I started using the PrimeTimes Wall Calendar on a regular basis about two years ago and consider it the best and most accurate calendar available."
Darl R. Ostrander, Fishing writer and tournament angler)

"Love your calendar!"
Steve Hinshaw

"Thanks for the fine product. I hunt less and bring home more game than ever."
Dan Wallace

"It's like the fish have a copy of your calendar. I just caught 13 bass over 3 lbs. that started and stopped biting at the best time indicated by PrimeTimes."
Charlie Bielawski

"Best fishing and hunting guide I've ever used. Keep up the good work."
Wayne L. Strykowski

"I have and will continue to use Rick Taylor's calendar and I appreciate his excellent research in this subject."
Richard Bennett

"I fish about 250 days a year from West Virginia to Florida. PrimeTimes is great!"
Derwood Dill

"If anyone doubts your info, all they have to do is see all the Citation bass I have caught in Maryland."
Don Perantoni

"We find PrimeTimes very accurate and will not fish without the time being right."
Harry Roberts

"I have used your calendar for years and catch nearly all my fish at the best times. Last week I got ten 20" trout from the Gulf at the time you said. It works for saltwater and freshwater."
H. Eugene Holcomb

"Caught the biggest bass of my life (9 lbs.) during one of your peak periods."
W. A. Wilkinson

"I used PrimeTimes all last year and found it very useful. I showed many friends. It is a great product."
Sam Hudson

"Last year we used PrimeTimes on our Montana hunting trip and saw the most deer on the strongest day of the week. It seems to be a very accurate instrument."
Carol Welch

"Thank you for the new PrimeTimes. I had a pretty good year and always keep an eye on my calendar. Please sign me up for next year."
Jim Berceli

"Thank you for a great product."
John Kizer

"Had a great spring with the help of your calendar. Caught a 12.5, 11.5, and 10.5 pound largemouth bass on Prime days and times. Thanks!"
Tod Groover

"It is the best predictor I've ever used."
Jeff Davis

"Thanks again for a very good product."
Terry Hiers, Blackwater Hunting Services

"I've used your tables for years; works like 90% of the time for both fresh and saltwater."
H. Eugene Holcomb

"I caught more fish last year than ever before. I attribute those catches to the times indicated by your calendars."
Paul Purser

"I really believe in your calendar. Sometimes it's more valuable than the depth-finder!"
Roger Herbison

"Your calendars are very helpful for lake trout as well as offshore island fishing in southern California."
Paul Konzelman

"I sure enjoy using your calendar. I even refer to it on some business occasions."
Mike Kramer

"I've seen all kinds of moon calendars, but yours really impressed me! It has given me the edge over my friends. Keep up the good work!"
L. Holland

I thought it might interest you to hear what happens to all those (PrimeTimes) calendars (we buy).
The first three go to my brothers and I. We hunt deer with bow and gun. We also hunt turkeys, pheasants, and waterfowl. My oldest brother uses it when he plans his out west trips for elk and mule deer.
One goes to stay in the camper with our Lake Michigan fishing boat. One goes to my youngest brother’s boss as a Christmas present. The 6th one goes to school with me. As a high school teacher, it gets used to explain student behavior and for the kids to look at.
The extras have gone all different directions. Sometimes they go to co-workers that hunt. Last summer one went to the director of the race track where we race. It is pretty good at predicating the number of wrecks and what time we would get to go home. The director and his wife found it very interesting. This year one will be going to my friend that has a new boyfriend and is learning to hunt. They live way up north in Wisconsin.
My youngest brother has told several people about the calendar and is very good at explaining the moon phases. He is always telling people to look you up on the internet so they can get their own calendar.
I believe if you understand the moon phases you will understand people. I am also pretty sure you never expected your calendar to be used for so many things.** So thanks for keeping our hunting, fishing, racing, and teaching worlds organized. Thanks,
Becky from Wisconsin

You folks are among the growing number who have discovered the moon and sun’s electromagnetic energies affect on more than just fish and game. I get orders from policemen, judges, bail bondsmen, doctors, surgeons, stock brokers, retail store owners, teachers, etc. etc...all telling me they notice definite patterns in the behavior of their customers, patients, students, crooks, etc. during certain moon phases and daily peak times. Thanks for writing.
Rick Taylor

I'm very glad you took the time to answer my questions rather than refer me to the FAQ. That goes a long way to tell me what kind of business you're running, and I'll be making my purchase shortly. Thanks again.
Bill Wood

I can recommend your company for its honesty and integrity.
Terry Roberts

Thank You! Man, yall have great customer service! It's becoming a thing of the past:)
Chris Barrett

I cannot tell you how many times a week we look at the calendar. My Dad and my husband are firm believers in the signs and we all refer to your calendar for fishing. In fact, we plan both our vacations each year based on your calendar. Thanks for a great product!
Vicki Law
Hendersonville, TN

Rick: I am already planning fishing outings for 2013 based on the calendar. It's been good smallie year. Just went over 1,000 on Sat. with fun day on some SW Wisconsin wading rivers.
Bill Schultz, Outdoor Writer


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