PrimeTimes is a complete, easy-to-follow forecaster of the best times of day to find biting fish and moving game, as well as the best days of the month. Its predictions involve certain, ever-changing aspects of the sun and moon, which have been known for centuries to affect fish and game activity.

The PrimeTimes concept was researched at a leading college of astrophysics and formulated by Rick Taylor, a well-known outdoor communicator and active member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWWA) since 1976. Its predictions are based on radio-tracking studies, constant monitoring at the PrimeTimes research facility, and the general consensus of expert outdoors people. It's solar and lunar data is supplied by the U. S. Naval Observatory.

While "moon tables" consider only one or two lunar aspects, PrimeTimes factors in all the important cycles of both the sun and moon. It rates each day on a scale of 0 to 100 (view sample), and clearly shows you how each day's solar periods stack up against its lunar periods (view sample). As a result, PrimeTimes is considered the best fish and game activity forecaster by far, with millions of followers world-wide.

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