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The PrimeTimes Wall Calendar
For the Serious Angler & Hunter

Best Periods Sample

The PrimeTimes Wall Calendar offers minute-by-minute accounting of the electromagnetic influence reigning down from both the sun and the moon.

In the abbreviated sample here, notice how the moon's two daily peaks (the yellow and the black humps) tend to "slide" along, up, and over the solar peaks of Dawn, High-Noon, and Dusk, making each day a whole new ballgame.
Only in the Wall Calendar can you see how each period truly stacks up against the others that day. Usually, they are relatively close in strength (ie: on the 8th). But every few days at least one lunar period overlaps a major solar period (dawn, high-noon, or dusk), and you have the best potential for fish and game activity (see the 6th and 7th).

Of course, the actual Wall Calendar shows all seven days of the week and all weeks of the year (sample). As you can see, it also shows moonrise and moonset (the yellow triangles), and sunrise and sunset (the edges of the dark gray boxes, which represent the night hours). Our customers also like the helpful summary charts (not shown), revealing the best and worst days of each month, a look ahead at next year's lunar phases, and much more.

And finally, at the top of each PrimeTimes' calendar page is our unparalleled and highly popular "Best Days of the Month" chart. For a sample, click here.

For first-time buyers, may we recommend also getting our book, "How to Know When to Go" by Rick Taylor. It will help you get the most out of the PrimeTimes calendar, plus answer all your questions pertaining to this solar/lunar phenomenon. We offer it in two Special Packages along with both the PrimeTimes Wall and Pocket Calendars for a great price. Or add the App and save even more.