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Rick Taylor's ULTIMATE PrimeTimes App

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Two Versions, One Low Price
1) The Internet Version
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2) The Smartphone (Mobile Device) Version
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Your Ordering Options

1) The Pro Option: Web + Mobile Device (Recommended)

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2) Try it Free (with limited access*)
*See today and tomorrow's main screen with its top periods and Daily Ratings. (While all features are visibile, most have limited function prior to upgrading.)

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The PrimeTimes Screen
Opens with your exact location, today's date, and time of day.

The Main Menu and the Change Menu
For example, tapping on Best Days opens that screen for the current month.

The Location Screen
Go anywhere by sliding the map or typing in a location.
(All the forecast data will adjust to that exact location.)

The Menu
Tap on the various buttons to open their contents.

The Change menu
Tap on the various buttons to open their contents.


1) The fastest and easiest way to use PrimeTimes is:
Go during the periods with the game and fish symbols.
And the darker the symbols, the stronger the solar/lunar influence.
These symbols mean a solar period is overlapping a lunar period for a double-whammy effect.

2) More important than the actual value shown in Today's Rating is its relativity to the adjacent days. Generally, it's better to go on a day that is higher in value than the previous day, because it indicates activity is on the upswing.

3) The higher the value of Today's Rating, the stronger its influence on all periods.

4) The value shown on each hump approximates the relative strength of that period. The one with the highest number will be at the top of the list under Top Periods. But this doesn't always mean it is the best choice for you. You need to apply your knowledge of your quarry to decide which period may be the best today. Odds are it will be around one or more of the humps.

5) The Moon Over period is a little stronger than the Moon Under, because its energy is hitting the earth from directly above, while the Moon Under is exerting its energy from the opposite side of the planet. And even though weaker, the Moon Under period still influences the activity periods of fish and game almost as much.

6) Don't discount the Noon period. While most activity for most species generally occurs at Dawn and Dusk, the Noon period has the sun's strongest influence in light, heat, and electromagnetic energy. And being halfway between the Dawn and Dusk feeding periods, it can be a fish or animal's "lunchtime," just like it is for us.

7) The Heat of Day period applies only to fish and only when the water is colder than their ideal. To be relevant, this period usually requires a sunny day to generate enough heat energy to warm the upper layers of the water. This also can help generate plankton blooms, which activate baitfish, which in turn can activate gamefish.

8) Although this app is geared for the U.S. from the Canadian border (Latitude 50 N) to Havana, Cuba (Latitude 20 N), and from Hawaii in the west to the Bahamas in the east, it can work quite well for anywhere in the world, thanks to GPS and the 24 Time Zones. The simple adjustment is offered once you try to enter a Location out of the normal parameters of the app.
Click here to read more about how to use the Ultimate PrimeTimes app in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

NOTE: While PrimeTimes accurately displays those predictable solar and lunar events known to influence fish and game activity, other unpredictable variables--such as weather, other anglers/hunters, and the nature of your quarry, can be overriding factors. You are responsible for knowing and adhering to all your local hunting/fishing laws and regulations.