Ultimate PrimeTimes App 12 Months

Ultimate PrimeTimes App 12 Months
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    This App truly is the Ultimate in when-to-go fishing or hunting. Not only does it automatically adjust all of PrimeTimes' predictions to your exact location via GPS, it also adjusts to your favorite quarry (you have 22 choices...from bass, walleyes, and offshore to deer, waterfowl and coyotes). It even fine-tunes to your current fishing conditions, including today's weather! Upgraded continually, our interactive forecaster is loaded with features and is very easy to use.  It also covers as far back as 2005.
    This App runs on the web so virtually anyone can use it.  You can also put it on your iPhone for no extra cost and take it anywhere!
    Click here for samples and its many features.

      *NOTE* As soon as you order, vital information to access the App is automatically emailed to you from confirm@primetimes2.com.  It is entitled "Important App Info."  If the email doesn't show up in your Primary box, check ALL your boxes, including your Spam folder. If it's not there either, email us at: primetimes2go@gmail.com and we will email it to you.

    "For years your software has proven to be quite accurate. I have the Bucks on the wall to prove it, and have enjoyed many a day fishing based on the information. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS."
    David Urvina Jr., Brunswick, GA

    "Dear, Rick,
    Thank you for the magnificent PrimeTimes edition this year! Because of it I put over 300 fish in the boat, got a nice mule deer, and a spike bull elk. I want you to know we cherish your work and you more than words can say.
    Dave Peters, Mead, WA

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