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PrimeTimes Wall Calendar

This 12-month, full-color, 11x17" calendar is our best for the serious outdoorsman. Using a peaks-and-valleys format, it graphically illustrates the best days of each month, as well as the best times of each day. Also included are special summary charts showing each month's best and worst days, "Prime Picks," "Timely Tips," a look ahead at next year's major moon phases, and more. Includes a FREE copy of the current PrimeTimes "Pocket Calendar."

PrimeTimes Pocket Calendar (Free with PrimeTimes Wall Calendar)

This is our take-it-with-you, numeric format, as used in the Astro Tables. It lists the two major lunar periods, with symbols marking each time one overlaps a key solar period. Only $7.95 (+$3 s&h)

Ultimate PrimeTimes--Software for your PC

This truly is the Ultimate in when-to-go fishing or hunting. Not only does it adjust all of PrimeTimes' predictions to your exact location and your favorite quarry (you have 22 choices...from bass to deer), it can further fine-tune to your current fishing conditions, including today's weather! Many years in the making, this CD (or download) is loaded with FEATURES and easy to use.

Book: "How to Know When to Go"

This definitive book on the solar/lunar subject takes an in-depth look at the factors responsible for the activity periods of bass, catfish, panfish, trout, walleye, deer, turkey, upland game birds, water fowl, and more. See how to determine the best possible times to go by applying the data from any year's PrimeTimes calendar to your particular quarry, region, and circumstances. 100 easy-reading pages, 43 illustrations. Over 200,000 copies sold.

Sportsman's Appointment Wall Calendar

For the novice-to-average angler/hunter. With nature photos atop each month, this spiral-bound calendar shows the two lunar times of each day numerically (ie: 3:34 - 4:21 p.m.). Includes PrimeTimes' famous "Best Days of the Month" chart. Makes a nice gift.


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