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"Anybody who doesn't use PrimeTimes is really missing out." Dave DeBolt, IA (professional guide)

"Since using PrimeTimes to set our tournament schedules for the past two years, our results have almost doubled." Dennis Alexander, TX

The problem with "moon tables" is they show only the lunar times each day, none of the solar. And most of the time a solar period is better than a lunar one.

With PrimeTimes, on the other hand, you are shown both the solar and lunar periods each day. And with its graphic peaks-and-valleys format, it's easy to determine which period is the best, second best, third best, and so on.
Play movie (wmv) of how periods change day to day over a month.

If you used a typical moon table on this day, you'd think the best period was 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm (mid-afternoon), and the second best was 2:00 am to 4:00 am (night). But as you can see in the corresponding PrimeTimes sample, you'd miss the best time of all (dawn), and the second best (dusk).

You wouldn't miss them with the graphics of the PrimeTimes Wall Calendar. The taller the "peak," the better the period. (For illustration purposes, we've numbered them here.) And with Ultimate PrimeTimes, our CD-Rom version, it's even easier to know the best times, because they are listed in order, exactly as shown above.

And when it comes to how good (or bad) each day is over all, most moon tables tell you little or nothing. You might get half a fish symbol or the moon's phase, at best. With any PrimeTimes product, you know exactly how each day rates for the entire month. Learn more

Any wonder why those who switch to PrimeTimes
never go back to their old one?

Play movie (wmv) of how Best Days charts change month to month.

"PrimeTimes is much more accurate than two other systems I've tried."
Lyman Winkley, IN

"I have every moon table available. This is the most complete chart I have seen to date." Lew Cazes, LA


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"I am a long time user of lunar charts. I started using the PrimeTimes Wall Calendar on a regular basis about two years ago and consider it the best and most accurate calendar available."
Darl R. Ostrander, FL (Fishing writer and tournament angler)

"Love your calendar!" Steve Hinshaw, IN

"Thanks for the fine product. I hunt less and bring home more game than ever." Dan Wallace, TN

"It's like the fish have a copy of your calendar. I just caught 13 bass over 3 lbs. that started and stopped biting at the best time indicated by PrimeTimes." Charlie Bielawski, WI

"Best fishing and hunting guide I've ever used. Keep up the good work." Wayne L. Strykowski, WI

"I have and will continue to use Rick Taylor's calendar�and I appreciate his excellent research in this subject." Richard Bennett, NY

"I fish about 250 days a year from West Virginia to Florida. PrimeTimes is great!" Derwood Dill, WV.

"If anyone doubts your info, all they have to do is see all the Citation bass I have caught in Maryland."
Don Perantoni, MD.

"We find PrimeTimes very accurate and will not fish without the time being right." Harry Roberts, OK

"I have used your calendar for years and catch nearly all my fish at the best times. Last week I got ten 20" trout from the Gulf at the time you said. It works for saltwater and freshwater." H. Eugene Holcomb, FL

"Caught the biggest bass of my life (9 lbs.) during one of your peak periods." W. A. Wilkinson, IL

"I used PrimeTimes all last year and found it very useful. I showed many friends. It is a great product."
Sam Hudson, FL

"Last year we used PrimeTimes on our Montana hunting trip and saw the most deer on the strongest day of the week. It seems to be a very accurate instrument." Carol Welch, VT

"Thank you for the new PrimeTimes. I had a pretty good year�and always keep an eye on my calendar. Please sign me up for 2001." Jim Berceli, NY

"Thank you for a great product." John Kizer, LA

"It is the best predictor I've ever used." Jeff Davis, TX

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The guides, the pros, the folks who take their sport very seriously, all know about the sun's vital role in determining the best times to go. Those who have stumbled across PrimeTimes (we've never paid to advertise it) buy it, love it, and buy it again the next year. In fact, so many ask to have PrimeTimes automatically sent to them each year that we started a Special Mailing List. Our renewal rate is phenomenal.