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Astro Tables
aka: "Pocket Calendar"

The PrimeTimes Pocket Calendar, which comes FREE with each PrimeTimes Wall Calendar,
and whose mobile-friendly version comes free with any order,
uses the famous "Astro Tables" format you see in numerous outdoor media across the U.S.

While this format is better than any "moon table" out there, its information is limited.
For the complete when-to-go story, we recommend the PrimeTimes Wall Calendar
or our software for PCs, Ultimate PrimeTimes.

For more information on the PrimeTimes system, check out these links:
Comparing PrimeTimes to a moon table.
Close up of the Best Periods section.
Sample Wall Calendar month.
Sample of Wall Calendar's 2-month layout.
Software Features.

PrimeTimes for Mobiles

NEW: FREE mobile-friendly version of the current Astro Tables
with any order!
Now you can have the whole year's best days and best times at your fingertips.
Better than any App.

Visit our Catalog for details.

Learning the best places
to go can cost you
$300 per day.
Learning the best times to go costs only
3 cents per day.

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A Comparison
Our Wall Calendar
vs. moon tables

Wall Calendar sample

Wall Calendar layout

Best Days Sample
close up our famous
"Best Days of the Month" chart

Daily Periods Sample
close-up of our peaks-and-valleys format


Does PrimeTimes really work?
Good info for the newcomer or skeptic.

Solar/Lunar Articles
honest look at the solar/lunar phenomenon

Q & A
does PrimeTimes work for your area? are the lunar times always the best? ...more

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About Rick Taylor
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Actual Size: 4" x 4" (to fit in your pocket or tackle box)
The digital version is crystal sharp on any moblie device.

NOTE: The Astro Tables is an abbreviated "little sister" of our primary forecaster,
the PrimeTimes Wall Calendar, which offers the best when-to-go information,
excluding our software for PCs, Ultimate PrimeTimes.
Click here for a sample.


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For first-time buyers, may we recommend also getting our book,
"How to Know When to Go" by Rick Taylor. It will help you get
the most out of the PrimeTimes calendar, plus answer all your
questions pertaining to this solar/lunar phenomenon.
We offer it in two Special Packages.

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