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fishing & hunting calendars & software for best times to fish & hunt 2009-2010


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We Ship Fast... in 1-2 Business Days, often the same day!

Each year, PrimeTimes products are purchased by folks in all 50 states and many foreign countries.

Ordering Information and Troubleshooting

How to Order

When you first come to the shopping cart to order a particular product, the number "1" is already showing in the "Quantity" box. However, you must click the "Add to Basket" button to actually add the product. After clicking, you will be taken to your Basket, showing what you just ordered.

If you want to add another of the same product, change the "1" to a "2."

To add other products to your basket, Click on either "Catalog" or "Add More Products" on the top menu. Any new product(s) you select will be added to what you already had in your basket.

When you have everything you want in your basket, click "Begin Checkout."

NOTE: All personal information you provide from this point on is encrypted and highly secure. This is verified by the "s" after "http" on the address line and perhaps the small padlock at the bottom of your screen.

If you are a first-time customer, you now have the option to "Create New Account" for yourself (recommended). This will store your name, address, etc. securely and safely, so when you return to order something later, you won't have to enter it again. Be sure to remember your login name and password. If you don't wish to create an account, just click "Place Order Without Account."

NOTE: If you want to Ship the order to someplace other than your Billing Address, no problem. Just fill out to whom and to where you want it shipped. Your correct billing information will be automatically processed via your credit card number.

If you are a returning customer with an active account, type in your login name and password, click "Login," and you'll be greated with a "Welcome back...." Click on it, and all your stored information will be shown. Click "Continue."

On the next page you will select your shipping method from an open menu.


--Not selecting the correct method can delay or void your order.
--If your U.S. order is $49.95 or more, be sure to select Option #6 to get your Free shipping
--If you are outside the U.S., free shipping is not available; you must select the appropriate method for your location.
--If you are buying a download, select Option #6 so you won't be charged for shipping.

Your Shipping options are:

#1. First Class to U.S. [free if order is over $49.95, or is a download] ($x.xx)**.

3-5 day delivery to most U. S. locations.
#2. 2-3 Day Priority to U.S. ($11.95)
Recommended for most U.S. locations.
Generally, your order will arrive quicker than via First Class (the #1 option).
#3 Express Overnight to U.S. ($29.95)
Next day delivery to most U.S. locations.*
#4. First Class to Canada or Mexico ($6.95)
Please allow a couple weeks for delivery.
#5. Global Priority to Canada or Mexico ($39.95)
Usually arrives in about a week or less.
#6. Global Priority to outside N. America ($46.95)
Can take 1-2 weeks for delivery.

*While the vast majority of Express shipments will arrive the next day, the United States Postal Service does not guarantee it.

**Actual First Class rate will show up here, depending on cost of your order. If your order is over $49.95 or a download, it will show up as $0.00.

After selecting shipping method and card type, click "Continue." Now you will enter the name on your card, card number, and expiration date. (If you want to change anything about your order, now's the time.) When you are satisfied with your order, Click "Continue" and it will be processed. You will be shown an immediate confirmation, plus you will receive an immediate email confirmation. Please note that the merchant name shown on your emails as well as your credit card statement will be either PrimeTimes to Fish-Hunt or Jer-Ben Publications.

Problems with Ordering

1. Shopping cart won't function. Typical with the internet, sometimes things break down. You get a "timed out" or "can't find page" message. This is almost always caused by either our or your IP server going down temporarily. Simply hit your "Refresh" button or wait a few minutes and try again. If the problem continues, try some other web site. If it won't open either, check your modem or call your Internet Provider. If it does turn out to be just our web site and the problem lasts for more than an hour, please email us at

2. Your order is declined. It may be for one of these reasons:

a. You entered an incorrect credit card number. Carefully check your number and expiration date, and try again.
b. There are insufficent funds in your bank card account.
c. You have exceeded your credit card limit.
d. There is a glitch at your bank. Call them.
e. You used the same card number twice within a 10 minute period. Anytime the same credit or debit card number is used more than once within 10 minutes, a "Duplicate Card Number" error message may appear. This is a security measure to help prevent fraudulent use of your card. Simply wait 10 minutes and place your order again. Of course, if it was originally declined due to a., b., c., or d. above, it may be declined again for that same reason.

If all else fails, you can place your order with us over the phone (515-964-5516). However, if your card was declined for reasons b., c., or d. above, we won't be able to accept it over the phone, either.

To return to the previous page, hit your Back button.

Or go to the Catalog and return to the shopping cart from there.
Products Specials Best Days Best Periods Wall Calendar App FAQ Articles Testimonials