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Our Pond and Research Area
Above is our view from the office down into the "ICU" (as in "I See You").
Since this 40' x 40' inlet is only two feet deep, we can easily watch the
comings, goings, and behavior of the big bass, which visit here regularly.

Scanning left, you can better see the curve of the 50-foot channel that
connects the ICU to the main pond (on the left). The channel is 3-feet
deep and 10-feet wide. A sonar under the bridge alerts us anytime a fish
comes through, and the tone of its beep denotes the fish's size.

Scanning a little farther left, you have a better view of the main pond,
which is 2 acres with a maximum depth of 18 feet. Just to the left of those
cattails and beyond the big rock is the mouth of the channel.