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Each year, PrimeTimes products are purchased by folks in all 50 states and many foreign countries.

Three Options for Getting PrimeTimes
on Your Mobile Device

1) With our Ultimate PrimeTimes App.

You can use it on your smartphone and other mobile devices, plus on the Internet, all for one low price. The Ultimate PrimeTimes App blows all other apps out of the water! Check it out here.

2) Digital Version of the Astro Tables

With the purchase of any PrimeTimes product, you get the bonus of all 12 months of the current calendar year (Jan to Dec) of the world-famous Astro Tables in its mobile-friendly format. It's the same Astro Tables you see in numerous outdoor publications, as well as the hard-copy pocket guide that comes free with each PrimeTimes Wall Calendar.

3) Our Free "Lunar Times" download

If all you want is a basic moon table (which is what you get with most moon tables anyway), you can simply download our free, online Lunar Times. It offers the two major and two minor lunar times of each day, plus an "Events" column. But please remember that its forecasts provide only a fraction of what you really need to know regarding the best times and days to fish and hunt in your area.