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Rick Taylor's ULTIMATE PrimeTimes App

Two Versions, One Low Price

1) The Internet Version
(Windows? Mac? It doesn't matter. If you can get to the web, you can use this App)

(With the Internet version, your monitor offers a larger image,
and you can reshape the screens to any shape or size.)

2) The Smartphone Version
(Works for iPhone or Android)
(Take it with you everywhere)

Your Options

1) The Pro Option: Web + Smartphone (Recommended)
Subscribe for 12 months for only $9.99, and get the first month free: That's 13 months total.
(Your card won't be charged until the end of the free month.) Order 12-Month App
Or subscribe for the monthly option for only $0.99 per month. Order Monthly App
(With either you get all its features with no ads, and you can cancel at any time.)

2) The Basic Option (with limited access*)
*See only today and tomorrow's main screen with its top periods and Daily Ratings.
(Most features will not function until you upgrade.)
Go to your favorite App Store and get the Ultimate PrimeTimes App.

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