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It was called to our attention that offering the full-version Astro Tables free of charge on the internet is unfair to the numerous outdoor magazines, planners, calendar companies, newspapers, etc. that pay a licensing fee to carry the Astro Tables in their respective media. In essence, they are paying for something that is simultaneously being offered free to the world through other sources.

This has put us in a difficult position. We originally posted the Astro Tables on the internet as an abbreviated sampling of our more complete forecaster, the PrimeTimes Wall Calendar. We hoped the more serious anglers and hunters--after seeing how effective even this limited data was--would gladly pay a few dollars to get the best fish and game forecaster in world. Judging by our skyrocketing sales, that stategy worked.

Yet, as we said, this has been short-changing our long-time media clients.

Hopefully, this will be resolved by trimming the Astro Tables down to a pure "Lunar Data" version (which, by the way, is still more accurate than any so-called, "moon table"). We've taken away the Best Days section and the symbols showing the prime solar/lunar overlaps, but we've added the times of Moonrise and Moonset. The two lunar times (Moon Overhead and Moon Underfoot) remain unchanged.

With over a million hits on the PrimeTimes website last year, most of which were on the free Astro Tables page, some regular users may be unhappy with this change. But, please keep in mind what we've been saying all along...that the Astro Tables offered only part of the story, anyway.

This new "Lunar Data" format offers only part of the story, as well, but it should still get you out there during some good activity times. And if the time comes when you really want to know the best times and best days to go (and for the entire calender year, not just one month at a time), perhaps you'll consider getting the the PrimeTimes Wall Calendar, and/or our CD-Rom version for PCs, Ultimate PrimeTimes. Based on what these products do...and for as little as 3 cents a day, PrimeTimes has to be the best bargain in the outdoor world.

Please, feel free to browse through this web site, where you'll find plenty of information about the solar/lunar influence explained openly and honestly.


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For first-time buyers, may we recommend also getting our book, "How to Know When to Go" by Rick Taylor. It will help you get the most out of the PrimeTimes calendar, plus answer all your questions pertaining to this solar/lunar phenomenon. We offer it in a Special Package along with the PrimeTimes Wall and Pocket Calendars at a great price.